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What is CE-5?

Close encounters of the fifth kind is broadly defined as human initiated extraterrestrial contact.

CE-5 is a scientific and diplomatic initiative that uses a template of bilateral protocols to establish peaceful communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Teams of individuals across the world use the CE-5 protocols and experience various types of extraterrestrial contact for themselves. Through this process and subsequent experiences, people learn the truth about this subject. Participants share in a diplomatic effort as peaceful representatives of humanity to extraterrestrial civilizations.


CE-5 Aotearoa

CE-5 Aotearoa was formed in 2015 as the national hub for individuals and teams of people throughout New Zealand who engage in contact protocols to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence. We invite peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations for the purpose of establishing diplomatic relationships as human ambassadors to the Universe. This website serves as a place to connect with each other, to share our experiences and to promote and develop CE-5 values, events and goals. We are part of an International network of teams who practice CE-5.


CE-5 contact protocols merge science and spirituality, centred within the peace and oneness of Universal consciousness. CE-5 Aotearoa practice a specific combination of cognitive, physiological and spiritual processes, verified and enhanced with the use of scientific instrumentation and the collective experience of the team. The processes and instruments may include any of the following:


• Coherent thought sequencing

• Remote viewing

• Self initiated outer body exploration

• Precognition and the science of consciousness

• Advanced mantra meditation

• Non-verbal communication

• Holotropic breathwork

• Trance induction

• Timeline regression

• Electromagnetic meters and radar detectors

• Night vision scopes and photography

• Broadcasting specific tones and frequencies

• Radio transmissions and communication

CE-5 Background Context

Since 1990, Dr. Steven Greer has been training people how to make contact with extraterrestrial intelligence using the CE-5 protocols. In May 2001, Dr. Greer hosted the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where twenty witnesses presented their evidence on the subject. As of 2009, five hundred witnesses have disclosed their knowledge of ET beings and the government/private sector programs maintaining secrecy on the subject. Furthermore, Dr. Greer asserts that two thirds of the so-called Majestic 12 group currently support his call for full and open disclosure, with the subsequent release of technical information that will allow us to transform our civilization.


To date, the current disclosed evidence supports the following conclusions:


• Actual ET beings are entirely benevolent and are seeking peaceful contact with humanity. They steadfastly refuse to engage in any scenario that would cause humans to be afraid. It is our responsibility to send a signal that we are ready for contact, only then will it happen

• It is incumbent upon all humans seeking contact to accept the diversity of sentient life that exists in the ET realms. Humans must be prepared to discard all remnants of inter-cosmic racism and the supremacy of homo sapiens. All animal life on planet Earth is capable of evolving into a tool-using, sentient life-form that walks upright.


• For the past sixty years, human stakeholder groups have received a variety of exotic technologies including: electro gravitic propulsion systems, zero point energy, genetic engineering, and consciousness assisted technologies (a.k.a. radionics and psionics). They have refused to distribute these technologies for the general benefit of humanity.


• To maintain the secrecy of these technologies, the stakeholder groups (i.e. Majestic 12) have engaged in an active propaganda program. They have created ARVs (alien reproduction vehicles) and PLFs (programmable life forms). MiLabs (military laboratories) have staged abduction scenarios to persuade the population at large that ETs are hostile. These stakeholder groups are deliberately creating a climate of fear so that they can enrich themselves and maintain their status as power brokers. This hostile threat is entirely invented, to keep tax money flowing to military contractors. These rogue operations have lied to various oversight committees of the United States Congress (and other governments) and thus their operations are illegal.


• The human stakeholder groups have full military capability to attack and destroy many types of ET craft. These attacks occur worldwide on a regular basis.


• Actual ET beings will not participate in any event that can be staged or manipulated to appear like an ET attack. Rather, they are seeking contact events with any who are willing to do so.


• Humanity is currently quarantined by a galactic federation of ET beings, as are all sentient species who express hostile intent and attempt interstellar travel. Humanity will not be permitted to realize its destiny as an interstellar civilization until we have first demonstrated the necessary spiritual qualities that ensure responsible use of technology and an appropriate honouring of the biosphere.

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