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The core team of CE-5 Aotearoa are professionally trained practitioners of CE-5 protocol, having attended official training events hosted by the Centre for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and having invested many years of study into related contexts and modalities.


We are unified in purpose and egalitarian in function, working together on an equal platform in coordinating and developing our nationwide network as part of the global CE-5 and disclosure movement. The people listed below are those who currently represent our organisation in several voluntary roles.


Augusta Amadio

From a corporate background, Augusta has a very logical and analytical mind. However, the 'other' side of her has always been interested in spirituality, the power of the mind, energy healing, and beings from other dimensions and realities. She has seen and experienced unusual phenomena before, but it wasn't until 2016 that she had the most profound personal experiences at her first CE-5 event, in Northland, New Zealand. Since then, she has attended many events in New Zealand, plus an expedition in Texas with Dr. Greer in 2017.

"It didn't take long to realise that the interactions that we were experiencing with these benevolent beings were deeply profound, often healing personally, and part of a greater purpose; to help us change ourselves and change the Earth for the better, and to become part of the 'greater' community. I have made deep, life-long friendships with the most amazing people from all over the world since that first CE-5 event. It is now an integral part of my life."


Margot Broadhead

By day, Margot works as a Naturopath, Energy Healer and Corporate Office Manager in Wellington. By night, she facilitates CE-5 contact groups in Wellington and the Wairarapa. She has done so for a number of years since returning from one of Dr. Steven Greer’s trainings in the USA. She believes it is an honour to learn from our galactic friends about the expansion of consciousness as they stretch us gently into new experiences.

"It is delightful to share these extraordinary interactions with those whose hearts are open to give it a go. I particularly love the healing work we do together with them to help raise the vibration of the Earth and her inhabitants. I look forward to meeting you on this exciting adventure if you decide to join us on an expedition in Aotearoa."


Jeremy Cloake

Jeremy explores CE-5 from his background as a sound engineer, musician, musical instrument maker and music teacher. With a physicist father and a blind grandmother who could always 'see' where he was, Jeremy absorbed a healthy balance of logical and mystical. His professional studies range from neurolinguistics and behavioural modalities to ancient wisdom, OBE and noetic science. With a fascination for the unknown, Jeremy weaves his world of sound, sacredness and science through a heart centred love of exploration, people, culture and consciousness.

"We are currently remembering our true potential as human beings. Through our willingness to relate to the many aspects of consciousness within the Universe, we experience the true meaning of who we really are, empowering our potential as individuals and as humanity. I encourage you all to take the first step in experiencing this transformative learning opportunity."


Doug Parker

Doug is a qualified engineer and has worked in industry for many years in a scientific role, and still likes to view things through a scientific lens. He has been engaging in CE-5 since 2001, starting with a field expedition with CSETI/Dr. Steven Greer. Prior to this he was interested in the general subject for a long time, along with both interest and experiences in other related fields such as PSI/paranormal. The experiences gained in these field events were life-changing and mind expanding, and it is particularly of interest to Doug that a great deal of the experiences are open to various “hard scientific” analysis and collection of supporting evidence.

"The reality of these contact experiences are available to anyone who engages in CE-5 with an open mind and heart. There is always something new, and the ability to learn from each other is one of the powerful applications we can develop in groups. I encourage everyone who has shown enough interest to look at this site to step forward and become involved. It’s real, and it has so much importance to the future of humanity."

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