Informal meetings

We host informal meetings for people who are interested in learning more about CE-5.


We welcome you to join us at one of these events. Anyone and everyone is welcome.


We maintain a relaxed and non-judgemental environment with the invitation for questions and the sharing of experiences.

CE-5 field trips

Our teams meet regularly to practise CE-5 protocols at various outdoor locations. Ideally these events take place during an evening with clear skies, however we also practise indoors. Sometimes we arrange overnight or weekend events.


During CE-5 team events, participants can experience a variety of anomalous activity which may include:


• Unusual lights in the sky

• Subjective perceptions of orbs and other light phenomena

• Shared internal representations of ET beings, vehicles or communication

• Unusual sounds and feelings of being in the presence of something

• The subtle effects of partially dematerialized ET vehicles

• Heightened awareness and spontaneous learning

• Intense feelings of joy, love and oneness


We ask for full materialization of the vehicles and/or beings only if it is safe and appropriate for them to do so.


The group rapport and cohesion of any CE-5 team is vital in making contact with ET beings, as is the fundamental intention driving the desire to make contact. Therefore the following points are necessary requirements to attend our CE-5 field events:


• You must have met our team (or a team coordinator) at one of our informal gatherings, or have been invited by someone within our CE-5 team.


• You would like to learn to peacefully communicate with any and all ETs in consciousness and to make positive contributions to world and universal consciousness.


• In wanting to making contact with ET civilisations, it is your intention to improve life on Earth and to share in peaceful, mutually beneficial interstellar relations.


• You believe in universal peace and would like to be an ambassador to the universe, which includes all inhabitants of the universe.


• You believe that all ET visitors to planet Earth are benevolent and you are prepared to meet any contact experience in an open, peaceful and loving manner.

CE-5 training events

We arrange professional CE-5 training events in New Zealand and encourage active community involvement by all participants who attend trainings. The points listed above are necessary requirements to attend any training events.


Click on the button below to contact us about future training events.



Form your own CE-5 group

The core team of CE-5 Aotearoa sometimes offers mentoring to establish your own CE-5 contact group. This is available as a free service for anyone who has attended a CE-5 training event.


Click on the button below to contact us about mentoring.