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CE-5 Aotearoa currently organises two types of expeditions in New Zealand during the summer months. These expeditions range between four and six nights in duration and include training modules, fieldwork sessions, meditations, plus all meals and accommodation.


2 - 5 November 2023, Motueka Region, Aotearoa, 2023

NB: This event is limited to just 6 participants plus 2 staff so it will fill very quickly


This is a boutique training event designed specifically for those who want to work among a small group of like minded people to develop various consciousness techniques and practices. The day modules will focus on self initiated outer body practices and related information, with supporting audio. The evening will involve CE-5 protocol, various types of meditations and related practices outside under the stars.


As part of this event, a complimentary thirty minute naturopathic consult will be provided prior to the training to help cleanse the physical body to optimize preparation for outer body exploration.
The training modules will cover the following subjects:


• Outer Body Exploration - self initiated processes to move beyond the physical dimension

• CE-5 Protocols - meditation under the stars to establish communication with non-human intelligence 

• Remote Viewing - using consciousness to 'see' what the physical eyes cannot

• Bio-electromagnetic Communication - using the energy field of the heart to receive and communicate information

• Outer Vision - learning to see while blindfolded through the energy field of the body

• Coherence - shifting in to a whole state as an individual / group and experiencing the benefits

• Hau Porotiti - using the breath and meditative wind instruments to release limitation and expand consciousness


You will also receive a complimentary thirty minute 1-1 zoom debrief after the training.

The timetable will be available closer to the start of the training

CE-5 Expeditions

These expeditions are usually four nights in duration with instructional day modules about CE-5 protocol, which includes: coherent though sequencing, remote viewing, mantra meditation, toning, the science of consciousness and the use of human technology as communication interfaces. When appropriate, we also include other related modalities that are useful in the context of CE-5.

In the evening, just prior to sunset, we set up at our contact location. Most often this is outdoors. Some venues we use have several different locations, which can offer a variety of different types of contact experiences. Evening field work usually concludes around 1am, dependent on circumstances.


Most often we have at least three experienced trainers within the team. Often these expeditions include trainers from within our International community. Modules and guidance are delivered by a variety of trainers. During breaks within evening field work, trainers often work 1-1 or in smaller groups to help guide those new to CE-5 and facilitate various contact experiences.


Dependent on the venue, these expeditions are usually limited to fifteen people.

Our expeditions are always full and tend to fill up fast. If you are interested in attending please send us an email through the link below and we will put you on a shortlist and you will be emailed prior to the expedition being listed on our website and promoted publicly.

Advanced CE-5 Expeditions

These expeditions are five or six nights in duration. They are limited to those who are experienced with CE-5 protocol and related modalities. These expeditions are contribution based, with those in attendance offering modules about subjects they specialize in or feel are appropriate to share. These expeditions are not publicly listed or promoted.


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