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Energy Template Meditations, Sunday October 10th

• Start: 3:00 pm, Sunday 10th October 2021, New Zealand timezone.

• Finish: 4:45 pm, Sunday 10th October 2021.

Attend 'Aranga Ake - Align'


FREE meditations online via Youtube live-stream.

It’s time to create!

We invite everyone to participate in this highly creative energy template meditation.

• Align with the frequency of unity consciousness.
• Align your intention to create new growth and realities.
• Align with others as peace, unity and abundance is manifest.

This online event is completely free of charge.

To attend this event simply click the button below at 3:00 pm, Sunday 10 October to watch the live-stream.


The schedule below is New Zealand timezone. Please use the calculator to check your timezone if necessary.

15:00 - 15:10 - Introduction.


15:10 - 16:40 - Be immersed in approximately 1.5 hours of energy template meditations!

16:40 - 16:45 - Gratitude in joy: silent smiling meditation.

With guidance from the following CE-5 practitioners:

  • Andre Cardoso - Australia

  • Andrew Reeves - New Zealand

  • Augusta Amadio - Australia / New Zealand

  • Corinne Cornish - Canada

  • Doug Parker - New Zealand

  • Ginny Jones - UK / New Zealand

  • Jeremy Cloake - New Zealand

  • Jo Goodman - Australia

  • Oona Fergusson  - Scotland / Kenya

CE-5 Aotearoa functions as a team of volunteers. We have made this online event free of charge so it is as accessible to as many people as possible. Please consider donating whatever you can to help these types of events. Your support is necessary and very much appreciated!


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