Out of Body Exploration

Out-of-body exploration gives us the opportunity to experience our self outside the confines of our physical density.


Through these experiences we learn that our consciousness exists beyond our physical body. We experience our sense of self in non-physical environments as multidimensional energy, oscillating within the omnipresent spectrum of consciousness. This in itself is a profound life changing experience.

When out-of-body, people often have experiences that involve other types of intelligence. It is common to experience contact with humanoid forms including those that are described as light beings or extraterrestrial in appearance. Many people also report experiences of contact with family members, guides and various energy forms.

There are many types of non-physical intelligence that exist in various energy environments. Out-of-body exploration can provide us with the opportunity to meet in their environment and return to ours with new insights and awareness.

OBE Training and Resources

Currently an online platform is being designed and built to provide training resources for people to learn self-initiated out-of-body exploration processes. This is being designed specifically for application within the CE-5 context, for people who wish to make contact with other types of intelligence while out-of-body.

In this specific context we are using the term OBA, out-of-body ambassadors.

International teams will be formed to practice these processes both individually and in groups, within the broader CE-5 context. This is for the purpose of establishing peaceful relationships with non-physical civilizations. Experiences will be shared in a supportive environment for the purpose of learning and verification of information.

If you are interested in being part of this please send us an email through the link below.