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OBE - Out of Body Exploration: App Development Fundraiser

The vast majority of humanity is currently living in duality consciousness, a polarizing paradigm within division and fear. Subsequently, society reflects this collective consciousness and we see it manifesting in many negative forms. We know that we need to actively move towards unity consciousness, peace and abundance.

This project will provide a globally accessible resource to be part of this solution.

Currently an iphone application is being designed to provide training resources for anyone to learn self-initiated out-of-body exploration processes.

The intention with this app is to make these processes readily available in mainstream society for the purpose of developing human consciousness, and the subsequent benefits this has as individuals, groups and as a species.


Part of this app is being designed specifically for use within the context of CE-5, for those who wish to make contact with other types of intelligence while out-of-body. In this specific context we are using the term OBA; out-of-body ambassadors. This term reflects that we are actively willing to meet non-human intelligence in the non-physical environments that many of them exist within.

This fundraiser will assist with some of the costs to produce this application. The app will provide many types of induction processes which will be available as audio files with supporting explanations of each process.

The audio files in the app can be used individually or within team environments doing CE-5 field work.

The Benefits

Experience your self within the infinite, multi dimensional energy environments of consciousness.


Out of body exploration offers us exciting and liberating opportunities to experience our consciousness beyond the confines of our physical density. These experiences are often very profound, empowering and transformative in many positive ways.

• We can move beyond fear and into empowerment.

• We can liberate ourselves from any personal barriers, conditioning and limitations.
• We can experience unity consciousness; belonging to a unified field of infinite oneness.
• We can meet 'other' types of consciousness within non-physical energy environments.

When out-of-body, people often have experiences that involve other types of intelligence. It is common to experience contact with humanoid forms including those that are described as light beings or extraterrestrial in appearance. Many people also report experiences of contact with family members, guides and various energy forms.

There are many types of non-physical intelligence that exist in various energy environments. Out-of-body exploration can provide us with the opportunity to meet in their environment and return to ours with new insights and awareness.

The Team

The OBE induction processes are being developed by Jeremy Cloake through his many years of personal experiences within this context. He is combining what he has learned through these experiences together with his knowledge of neurolinguistics, over twenty years of frequency work as an award winning sound engineer and world multi-instrumentalist, plus the OBE intensive training he completed with William Buhlman at The Monroe Institute.

He has developed many of these processes while out of body or in a lucid state.

The audio inductions will use the audio principles of cymatics, spacial modulation, sonic geometry, factor 9 Fibonacci, Schumann resonance ratios, Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats. Jeremy will also include various compositions of his own music, that feature musical instruments and scales that he describes as having 'sonic integrity.' The instruments include African rhythm harps, Taonga Puoro (New Zealand Maori musical instruments), yidaki (traditional didgeridoo) and several other world musical instruments.

Jeremy has put together a skilled team of professional animation artists and filmmakers who are creating dynamic video content that shows the visual components of each specific process. This content will become available in subsequent updates.

The team will combine all these aspects in uniquely powerful ways to support an expanded state of awareness.


Koha: Donation

We gratefully accept your kind donation in support of this project.


Nga mihi nui, nga mihi aroha ki a koe.

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